News & Media Company Concept | Senior Thesis


Highlighting the Process of Success and Innovation.

By Brady Patterson

Growing up in a small town can be tough. I grew up in the Lima City School District, notoriously one of the lowest ranking districts in the state of Ohio. Luckily for a creative kid like me, there was a number of art, music, and after school programs kept me invigorated and engaged. Unfortunately many of these programs are the first to be cut as public education lacks the state funding it needs. This leaves a huge gap for creative kids all over the country, and with the rise of technology, has many idolizing a constant stream of social media highlights from athletes, artists, and musicians, without any real context to how they got there.

Design Thinking

What if there was a way to highlight the process of success and innovation through the eyes of the people we idolize the most? If we are telling the story behind these high achievers success, we can inspire millions of people all over the world to use the same values and practices to lead their lives.

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Connecting Technology & Culture is an Invaluable Skill

As I stood in front of hundreds of SCAD faculty, presenting my Senior Thesis for a Speech II Class I chose to take despite hating public speaking, I realized something extremely valuable. One, I'm actually a really good public speaker after I got past my initial fear, and two, my ability to connect problems I have experienced in the past to valuable solutions for the future would be the greatest lesson I take from my time in school.

Through this project I learned the true meaning of being a designer. Not only is your job to come up with beautiful compositions, select the perfect typefaces, and color scheme that looks just right, but it's also about the ability to solve problems in creative ways. Using Design Thinking changed my life in profound ways that guide the way I will live the rest of my life.