MedMen iPad Experience

In-Store Interactive Menus


A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

By Brady Patterson

After the first year of recreational cannabis sales in California, we had the opportunity to work hand in hand with our business intelligence team to break down the analytics and contextualize behaviors to create the best in-store menu experience we could imagine. In the adolescence of the cannabis industry, there is a million different ways to categorize your brand, and we have seen every iteration imaginable from brands all over the country. We took on the task of breaking down these complex sets of data, test results, and effects to define and educate our users through interactive iPad menus.

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Leading the way in Cannabis Education

The design of these iPad's put us in an extremely unique and exciting position as we were able to take the first recreational cannabis data and build an experience that catered to exactly what people were looking for in their products. Utilizing user testing, prototyping, and real time feedback we were able to build an experience we are extremely excited to roll out to cannabis users across the country.