Motive Health & Fitness App

Motive Fitness App

Bringing People Together to Reach their Goals.

By Brady Patterson

After spending a year as a part-time personal trainer, I gained a new appreciation for helping people reach their goals. I began to notice a stark difference in the moral of the clients I would train solo, compared to those who participated in my bootcamp. It was much easier to work with my bootcamp clients, as their comradery and friendship helped motivate and keep each other accountable. Many of my solo clients lacked morale, and would often make excuses as to why they were sluggish, late, or missing workouts altogether.

Flash forward a few years later, studying Visual Communication at the Savannah College of Art & Design. As I walked through the weeping Spanish Moss of Forsyth Park every morning on the way to Portfolio class, I couldn't help but be inspired by the large groups of stroller moms who would meet in the park for their workout group. They whipped around the park participating in high intensity training and loudly cheering each other on every step of the way. This sparked an idea.

Design Thinking

Humans need connection to feel like they are a part of a group. If there was a way to help people connect with eachother, more people would be inspired to workout and would accomplish a lot more in the process. With obesity rates on the rise, and a renewed interest of Americans to live healthier lifestyles, there's a huge opportunity for health & wellness based programs. What if we could build a fitness app that brought people together to inspire and motivate each other to live their best life?

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Storytelling is Essential for Human Connection.

This case study played a huge part in my career as a Product Designer. It was the first time I explored the process of building an application and led me down the path of studying User Experience and Human Centered Design. It's amazing how one case study could open so many doors for learning, and eventually would lead to a career change from Graphic Design into Product Design. I began to realize how I could use storytelling and the design thinking process to solve complex issues that are closest to me. I still have a love for fitness and enjoy attending group workouts to challenge myself in different ways, it's just a little less fun when your not the instructor!