Augmented Reality Basketball Training App


Be the Best You Can Be On and Off the Court

By Brady Patterson

As a former athlete, some of the most important mentorship you will ever receive is what you learn from your coach. Having a positive mentor not only helps push you to your goals, but can also helps you improve your game. With basketball becoming a global sport, so many young fans around the world will not have access to the same type of mentorship you get growing up in rural Ohio where basketball is religion.

Design Thinking

What if we could use technology to create an app that could help others improve their basketball skills, and promote a healthy lifestyle through evolving interactive platforms? Working as a Product Designer I had been closely following the latest Augmented Reality apps entering the market and had an idea to track the makes and misses of users allowing them to play games against one another from their own driveway. This led me into a ton of user research and ideation around the best way to bring the idea to life.

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Follow Your Passion, Opportunity will Find it's Way

This project taught me a ton about the tech world. After briefly pitching the deck around, I found a company working on the same problem named HomeCourt. The had just invented the technology to track the ball using your phone using Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality, and had raised money with a team of investors including Mark Cuban and Steve Nash, so I decided to reach out and offer my services to help the common cause! After briefly meeting with the team and pitching ideas on my vision for solving the problem we talked about ways I could help the team, and led to a freelancing gig. This was an invaluable experience to always follow your passion and opportunity will find it's way!