Statemade Digital Retail Experience

Reimagining MedMen’s in-store digital menu experience to destigmatize cannabis and help users discover their desired state of mind.


To celebrate the launch of the premium cannabis brand [statemade]. We reimagined MedMen’s in-store digital menu experience with a custom built iPad application that empowers users to explore the [statemade] brand and discover their desired state of mind. After the first year of recreational cannabis sales in California, we had the opportunity to work hand in hand with our business intelligence team to break down the analytics and contextualize behaviors to create the best in-store menu experience we could imagine.


We enabled MedMen’s customers to dive deeper into the cannabis experience, and learn more about what they were consuming by demystifying the buying experience and providing deep insights from our stores. By listening to our customers, and following the market right after legalization, we were able to tell the story behind our brands and give consumers exactly the information they were looking for.


Los Angeles, CA


2018 - 2019




Senior Product Designer

Statemade iPad Menu

MedMen’s premium brand experience, telling the story of each strain through sight, sound, and flavor that relates to cannabis strain.

MedMen Brand iPad Menu

MedMen’s branded experience giving deep insights into cannabis data, insights, and recommendations for consumption.

MedMen Products iPad Menu

In-store cannabis buying experience to learn about a wide range of products on the menu, paired with scent cannisters.

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Demystifying the buying experience turned out to be a huge success among users and helped catapult the MedMen brand to the largest cannabis retailer in the US. Learning about customer behavior in a brand new market turned about to be an exciting challenge, as many of our assumptions about users were tested time and time again.