AI Generated Custom Stickers

AI powered e-commerce experience built to help you celebrate your furry friends!


As a curious and innovative thinker, I've always been fascinated by the intersection of technology and creativity. The challenge I faced was how to harness the power of generative AI to empower people's creativity, especially in a domain as personal and emotionally resonant as pet ownership. I recognized that while many people have a deep affection for their pets, not everyone has the artistic skills or resources to create unique, personalized memorabilia that truly captures their pet's essence. This gap between desire and ability was where I saw an opportunity. My goal was to democratize the process of personal artistic creation, making it accessible and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of their artistic background.


To address this challenge, I envisioned PetStickers, a platform that leverages generative AI to transform ordinary pet photos into extraordinary pieces of art. By integrating advanced AI algorithms with an intuitive user interface, I created a tool that allows users to upload photos of their pets and then customize them into unique stickers, prints, and more. This approach not only made the creative process simple and accessible but also added a layer of personalization and emotional connection that generic products lack. The result was a seamless blend of technology and artistry, where users could unleash their creativity and celebrate their pets in a way that was both deeply personal and effortlessly creative. Through PetStickers, I was able to connect the world of generative AI with people's innate desire to create, opening up a new realm of possibilities for personal expression and emotional connection.


Austin, TX




AI + E-Commerce


Founder & Designer

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